Landsman Introduces Amendments to Controversial Education Bill

Mar 23, 2023

Cincinnati, OH – Congressman Greg Landsman will make the case for three amendments he is offering to a highly controversial education reform bill expected to be voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

As a former public school teacher and parent of two school-age children, Congressman Landsman will make the case before the House Rules Committee that a newly-introduced bill – H.R.5 – would subject teachers and school districts across the country to continuous and detrimental lawsuits.

In making his case against H.R.5, Congressman Landsman will offer three amendments to the bill that – if included – would protect teachers and school districts, facilitate meaningful parent-teacher programming, and increase local control over education.

“As we’ve seen all across the country, public schools, teachers, students, and parents are under attack by a small group of people who wish to fundamentally undermine our children’s education,” said Congressman Landsman. “From censoring history and social studies courses to banning books, H.R.5 would weaken the foundation of public education in America. That’s why I’m strongly opposed to this bill, and why I’m offering three amendments that would protect public schools, teachers, students, and parents. As a parent of two students, I strongly believe in parents being involved in their children’s education, but divisive culture wars belong nowhere near our students and classrooms.”

Congressman Landsman’s three amendments will be reviewed by the House Rules Committee today at 5:30pm in the U.S. Capitol. The House is expected to vote on H.R.5 later this week. 

Congressman Landsman’s three amendments would make the following changes to H.R.5:

  1. Protect teachers and school districts from continuous and detrimental lawsuits, as well create a fund to assist school districts in paying legal defense bills resulting from the bill
  2. Create a fund to help facilitate meaningful parent-teacher programming
  3. Increase local control over education by allowing school districts to opt out of the bill’s requirements


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