Landsman Provides Update on Water Safety, East Palestine Train Derailment

Cincinnati, OH – Today, Congressman Greg Landsman (OH-01) released the following statement providing an update on the safety of water in Southwest Ohio and the train derailment in East Palestine.

“Folks are understandably concerned, but here’s what we’ve been told: Southwest Ohio’s water is safe to drink.

“Our office is in touch with the White House, Governor Mike DeWine, Congressman Bill Johnson, U.S. EPA, Ohio EPA, Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO), Greater Cincinnati Water Works, and other local, state, and federal authorities.

“ORSANCO is rigorously testing for chemicals around the clock at 16 different locations along the Ohio River. Butyl Acrylate – one of the main chemicals being tested for – is considered to reach a level of concern at 560 parts per billion in water. According to ORSANCO, their testing at the location closest to Southwest Ohio shows the presence of Butyl Acrylate at less than one part per billion – well below the level of concern.

“Greater Cincinnati Water Works has informed us that every measure is in place to ensure our water supply is protected against these and other contaminants stemming from the spill in East Palestine.

“Norfolk Southern must withhold no expense in remediating the human and environmental toll this derailment and spill have created. Our office is working with federal authorities to determine what changes are needed to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future, and key to these changes will be the results of the ongoing federal investigations.”


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