Congressman Landsman Votes Against the “Default on America Act”

Cincinnati, OH – Congressman Greg Landsman (OH-01) released the following statement after voting against the “Default on America Act.”

“Under both Republican and Democratic presidents, Congress has always ensured that our bills were paid. They understood that defaulting would be catastrophic.

“Defaulting would lead to millions losing their jobs, a stock market crash, and prices skyrocketing on everything from gas to groceries.

“The bill before Congress today wasn’t a compromise or commonsense solution – it was a ransom demand that would slash veterans’ care, school funding, food and nutrition programs, healthcare for children, and the budgets of first responders, or else we’ll tank the global economy.

“Holding the global and U.S. economy hostage is extremely dangerous. Republicans and Democrats must come together to avoid default with a clean vote to pay our bills, and then begin the budget process once the Majority offers its budget proposal for the year.”

What the “Default on America Act” would mean for Ohio:

  • Cut funding for law enforcement and first responders by 22 percent.
  • Increase Affordable Care Act premiums by $800.
  • Reduce access to care for nearly 700,000 veterans.
  • Threaten 3,900 new clean energy manufacturing jobs.
  • Put 421,000 people at risk of losing Medicaid coverage.
  • Disrupt access to food assistance for 39,000 people aged 50-55.
  • Eliminate preschool and child care for at least 12,300 children.
  • Increase housing costs for at least 23,300 people.
  • Make college more expensive for at least 198,300 students.


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